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You can modify or delete any of my pages/content as needed.

Conclusions and TODO's are based on some research. That research may be wrong (or unfinished) and conclusions may be just intermediate notes. Use with caution, correct me where I'm wrong or just write your opinion.

Proposals, large

Many instruction in this wiki written in a beautiful humane language (the one that we keep losing in this fast-paced digital age). Still I think introduction pages should contain short check-list-style instructions for new comers. To allow (correctly) contribute to database without memorizing all specifics. Because free time is often very limited. Such instructions lists would be:

sorted with the most important rules at the top;

contain minimum words, contain visual cues (highlights by bold font), interlinked;

direct to step by step algorithms for concrete use cases if possible.

Examples are coming.

Wiki is indispensable coordination tool in development. But this wiki plays two roles simultaneously: knowledge storage and development support. Maybe moving all Development/... to it's own "Development:" namespace or to another wiki (e.g. would be beneficial.

(Though, in that case to keep development-related info visible (calls to volunteers, reports, ideas, plans) summaries with links should be placed on a designated pages.)

Example of down-side of role mixing: "acousticbrainz" search shows a lot of results and I've seen situations when manual page was lost somewhere in the middle of GSoC tasks pages. It's interesting find for a developer but will give confusion instead of answers to others.

If such transfer makes sense - bots should be used widely (to prepare summaries, fix links, etc)

Proposals, small

I had to guess if I should register separate account for wiki or I can reuse password from MB site. It could be explained on Special:CreateAccount, Account FAQ, How to Create an Account, Wiki Spam Protection, MusicBrainz Wiki.

But actually I would like to see "login with MB" on the first place. With MB and wiki account merging. Probably useful: Extension:WSOAuth (For_developers), Category:User_identity_extensions, Manual:Security#See_also, Category:Authentication_and_login, Category:MediaWiki_authentication, Manual:SessionManager_and_AuthManager, Extension:OAuthAuthentication