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This links two releases, where one is a remaster of the other.​ This is usually done to improve the audio quality or to adjust for more modern playback equipment. The process generally doesn't involve changing the music in any artistically important way. It may, however, result in recordings that differ in length by a few seconds.

Link Phrases

  • Release is a remaster of Release
  • Release has remastered version(s) Release
  • Deprecated - do not use! Recording is a remaster of Recording
  • Deprecated - do not use! Recording has remastered version(s) Recording


  • All remasters should link to the earliest released version which features the same Recordings.
  • A release-release relationship does not imply that every recording on the release has been remastered from the earlier release. If some recordings are mastered from a different release, mention this in the release annotation.
  • If the music has been re-recorded, not remastered, then the Other Version Relationship Type should be used.