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Matthias Friedrich

matt.jpg Matthias Friedrich [ MB: matt | IRC: yalaforge | Wiki: MatthiasFriedrich | yalaforge ]
Matthias Friedrich has worked on several of the MusicBrainz subprojects. On the server side, he implemented features like the language and script support, the new reporting subsystem, the original annotations feature, and a lot of other things that only cvs/subversion remembers. His latest contributions include the design of the new REST-based web service (which rendered his position as the local RDF and Semantic Web guru obsolete) as well as the official python client library, PythonMusicBrainz2.
Matthias is a software developer from Karlsruhe, Germany, who is currently working on large-scale number crunching applications. He is a music lover, collector, and open source enthusiast, which explains why he keeps returning to MusicBrainz despite its demanding community and the ever-creeping bureaucracy.