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Recording lookup in Release editor

This feature is probably required for the following reasons:

Switching track titles

Sometimes a track listing is wrong and a frequent way to fix that is just to switch titles. E.g. release has:

  1. Track B <-- linked to Recording B
  2. Track A <-- linked to Recording A

If you fix it by editing both track titles you end up with that:

  1. Track A <-- linked to Recording B
  2. Track B <-- linked to Recording A

But each recording A & B end up with wrong associated titles, and Track A & B might also end up linked with wrong PUID or ISRC.

Adding alternative editions

It's frequent with new album to get different editions of the same album: standard edition, iTunes edition with bonus tracks, Japan edition with a bonus track, ... Without the recording lookup, you'll need to merge each automatically created recordings once you've added your new edition. This might be very plodding.

However picking an existing recording when adding a new release might be tricky. It's sometimes hard to identify if 2 recordings are identical, even if they have the same title and a similar duration. Thus the lookup should probably be optional when adding a track, but required when editing an existing track.

TrackMerging has some interesting related information.

Handling of non-album-tracks

RFC has been sent to the Users' Mailing List

Data Quality in NGS

A discussion on Review Board