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My name is Beth, though I am more commonly known as Nyght on the internet. I live in Colorado, USA. I'm blunt, honest, tend to tease a lot, seldom is it my true feelings. If I have a problem with you, I'll come right out and say it instead of hiding it behind teasing.

My day to day job (yawn!) is office management for nurse case managers working with the DOL (Department of Labor). I have done web graphics and editing, though I feel as if I am out of my league among all the MusicBrainz wizards. I am finding my voice though, and feeling my way around. I take constructive criticism well, and I imagine I speak out on things I do not have enough knowledge on, though I am certainly trying to gain perspective and understanding. You can tell me to hush, or to get my nose out and I wont get "out of joint" over it. ;)

Music is a hobby, and has been a profession for me. I've helped bands with establishing themselves, both by remastering old tape/vinyl onto CD, up to street team and sales/marketing. I wouldn't say this makes me any form of expert in general, though it has given me a pretty strong inside knowledge on some artists.

I am not afraid to propose ideas, and put them into effect, if they are desired. I like to help out in the community, and often times will lend my assistence if I have a clue where to begin.

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Favorite Artists

Celldweller The Crüxshadows