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Release pages

  • Info: (lose this label)
    • Link / Details - provides nothing more than cannot be found on the page - kill this, and associated page?
    • Tags - kill this link, move it to the tags line
    • Show/hide Artists - placement not optimal
    • Show/hide relationships - hide if the tracks have no relationships
    • Show/hide disc IDs - maybe just a link to disc ids on a separate page. "X Disc IDs"
    • Google - doesn't belong on viewing releases, move to a release's edit page.
    • View edits - s/edit history/
  • Edit: (lose this label)
    • Add relationship - kill, belongs in AR box
    • Move - rename to "Change Artist"
    • Remove - s/delete/
  • Ratings - move to release line, scrap the statistics

Artist pages

  • Time period - use encyclopedic format (<start> – <end>)
  • Type - lose this and use different artist icons (one head/multiple heads)
  • Data quality - lose this - try and present this information in a less "databasey" manor - more like "This artist has been marked as inaccurate - we could use your help!" etc
  • Info: (lose the label)
    • Releases - could kill this when you're on this page (aCiD2 opposes this). Rename to 'all releases'
    • Aliases - s/alternative names/ -- but this needs more discussion.
    • Credits - s/Appears on/
      • Though this needs an overhaul - these should all be displayed on the main page. Post to mail, see irc chat 11/04/2009 @ 16:00
    • Details - kill this, nothing special here
    • Non album tracks - kill this, it shows up on the release listing
    • Google - doesn't belong on viewing releases, move to artist's edit page.
    • Similar artists - kill until we have better data
    • Tags - kill this, move "show more" to tags line or something
    • Edit history - well... at least it uses the right name :)
    • Open edits - merge into edit history
    • Subscriptions - kill this too..
  • Edit: (lose the label)
    • Edit artist - fine (could be just edit)
    • Merge artist - fine, maybe "Merge into another artist"
    • Add release - fine - but for more emphasis, maybe we could duplicate this above the release listing?
    • Add alias - you need to see aliases before you add, so kill this and provide a form on the alias page.
    • Import release - merge into add release
    • Change data quality - isn't this just part of edit artist?
    • (Un)subscribe - move to top right of artist box
      • Also, try to offer more than just Free DB searching.
    • Add non-album track - kill: prefer clicking "non-album tracks" and then "add track"
  • Ratings (lose the statistics)

Odd notes

Here are some problems I encountered making these changes, while pronik was away:

  • Labels
    • Label type: I've taken 'Type:' away, and left just the type string in
    • Label country: I've taken 'Country:' away and changed it to 'Founded in x'
  • Other issues:
    • We prefer 'Edit History' - but this looks like a 'Verb Noun' phrase (ie, the link is for editing the history, which is confusing. Maybe change to editing history?)