User:Reosarevok/Beat Producer Relationship Type

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This relationship is used to link an entity to the artist who produced the beat.

Link Phrases


  • start date
There is no guideline yet for how the begin date fields might be used.
  • end date
There is no guideline yet for how the end date fields might be used.
  • additional
This indicates that most of the work of producing the beat is attributed to a different producer.
  • co-
This indicates that the producer co-produced the beat.


  • This advanced relationship represents the "producer" credit for a work, when it is used to indicate the person who created the beat. This is fairly common in R&B and hip hop music, and fairly uncommon anywhere else.
  • Do not infer attributes.
Though it may seem logical that, if a work has two or more producers, they are co-producers, this is incorrect. Producer, Additional Producer, Associate Producer, Co-producer, and Executive Producer are five distinct job titles. If a release has two people credited as "Producer", then they each held the Producer title, not the Co-producer title.