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My name is Richard Willemsen and my MusicBrainz user ID is rwillemsen.

Some of My Favorite Artists

To Do

  • Update the Brainztorming section of this page (see below).


This section includes some of my MusicBrainz ideas and suggestions. This is purely draft writing and may be extended or updated in the (near) future.

Location Entities

The location entity can be used to identify the recording studio or venues where the album or tracks was performed live.

Song Entities

Basically a song entity is a grouping of tracks so that attributes and/or relationships only need to be set or created once. For instance, an artist may have recorded the same song multiple times or performed live next to the normal studio recordings. If you want to add music or song writers then it is necessary to do so for each track ever recorded. But such information applies to all. By creating a song entity and group the tracks together, the attributes and relationships are only created once for a song. These are then automatically inherited by the tracks.

Performer Relationship Editor

Now it is necessary to create separate relationships per performer. But it would be nice to have a single entry form to add multiple performers so you can add guitarists, keyboard players, drummers, vocals at once.

Release Labels

Currently it is possible to create releases per album but only including a date and a country. It would be nice to have the option to set the record label as well.

Artist Subscription Mailing Lists

When users subscribe to an artist then those users should be able to directly communicate, by web-mail, with each other. This would be valuable in order to ask for help on specific moderation before hand. Also, a discussion platform for that specific artist will attract more subscribers, hence more voters meaning a better QA mechanism. Still, such artist subscription mailing list could also be a source for spam. This needs to be thought over carefully.

Wiki Tips and Tricks

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