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Currently an auto-editor in MusicBrainz, I've been mostly going through my own record collection. This means quite a lot of Finnish rock with some occasional apetizers. On the side I'm also trying to add useful information about the bands or artists in general when I find the time.

However, I often lose myself in finding and adding information: I may end up adding age-old clay singles, because someone has covered an old song in Finnish and I end up looking for the earliest release to link it to.

Currently I'm spending time trying to make sense about PUIDs; I'm going through my own collection and try to remove PUIDs from conflicting versions - for example, same PUID is not likely to be generated from a live and studio release, so away they go.


  • * * * =Single track wonders=

Did you know that out of our 360 000 artists, about 100 000 are artists that have only a single track on some various artists release? Yeah, neither did I, until I made the query. There's potentially lot of garbage, so feel free to rummage through the massive artist list.


Late Night Tales series

Late Night Tales is a series where each volume contains tracks chosen by a single artist. See, for example, Jamiroquai or Flaming Lips.

For some reason, each of these volumes is attributed to the artist who has chosen the tracks. Why? They are pretty obvious VA compilations. Do I get my own page in MusicBrainz if I start to compile my very own releases of other artists' tracks?


As I try to enter complete information into the database, I often find myself searching for the earliest releases. But what if that just isn't available? I welcome you in search of Smile, the original release of Charlie Chaplin's classic.

Is the earliest release the one we hear in Modern Times? If it is, do we count the movie as the first release - that's what the piece was composed for, after all. Did they release soundtracks back in 1936?

Or is the earliest release the one with lyrics added, from 1954? Turner/Parsons did a great job with the lyrics, and they complete the song as the version we know today. Was Nat King Cole's recording the first, or were there others before him?

To be fixed

Wrong tracks?

  • Crossing All Over vol.10 has Skunk Anansie's Lately in the track listing, but it has the same track length and it's sharing its only PUID with You'll Follow Me Down.
  • They Might Be Giants' Apollo 18 has a zillion PUIDs on tracks that are only few seconds in length. Sort of strange, considering MusicIP software doesn't analyze that sort tracks.

Multiple releases under same entry

Questionable albums

  • A Tribute to U2 - on U2's own catalog?
  • Star Profile by R.E.M. isn't the official Star Profile, and the track times are so close to studio album lengths that I doubt it's a live either.
  • The Matrix soundtrack has two additional tracks compared to the official one. Wikipedia mentions those two additional tracks as missing from the soundtrack. And the track times make me think that either track times or track order is wrong.
  • Newage by "Enya" seems to be a bootleg compilation of new-agish tracks by various artists.

Other things

Thanks to Joan Whittaker and Zout for helping out.

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