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Note Note: This is not a style guideline, this is simply a suggestion from a user. there's also an official style guideline now

work in progress...

I plan on covering multiple types of remixes, including mash-ups.


  • Remix: A substantially altered version of a song, produced by mixing together individual tracks or segments of one or more source works. The artist doing the remixing can be the original artist. The source audio material can be from any part of the process; including the final mix, master, remaster, or original raw audio materials. If the tracks have been significantly modified, more than is necessary to produce a continuous mix, then the action described by relationships is considered to be remixing, not compilation or DJ mixing.
    Note Note: not everything called "remix" is really a remix in the classic sense. In hip hop especially, it's typical to call "remix" to a new version of a song with different guest rappers; these should probably not be linked to any artist as "remixer".
    Example compared to the Original
  • Mashup: A track which combines multiple songs into one, classically an instrumental from one recording with the vocals from another, but there could be any number of recordings involved.
  • Rip: Sometimes called a FLAC. A recording that uses instruments (typically from a video game, but not always) to play a different song.
    Not to be confused with a gamerip or CD rip.
  • Sample: A soundbite from a different recording, often used for a drop or a loop, but not always. A popular example is Vanilla Ice sampling Queen and David Bowie's Under Pressure on Ice Ice Baby.

Artist credits

The release artist should be whomever released the track, often the remixer, sometimes the original artist.


Artist credits should match what’s given on the release. If that’s not possible for some reason, the track artist should be the original artist, and the release artist should be the remixer.

Example #1

Example #2







Some miscellaneous examples, not yet sorted or fully checked for proper relationships and whatnot tho~