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Is "Trois Gymnopédies" (Trois Gnossiennes,...) the name of a collection works ?

I haven't seen my copy of the recordings in a while. However, I have them transcribed as sheet music (for the guitar; they are written for the piano). There are three pieces indeed, but I'm not sure they can be called works. Perhaps they are more akin to movements? I'll give the English names/descriptions of the pieces:
  • Three Gymnopedies
    1. Slowly and mournfully
    2. Slowly and sadly
    3. Slowly and solemnly
  • Three Gnossiennes
    • ...if wanted ;-)
I don't think they are ever/usually recorded/played seperately...

[Caramel31] Gymnopédies were composed in Feb-Apr 1888 and published separately. They can be considered as pieces of a collection works wanted by Satie, but not as movements because they can be played in different order, and not always played together. Debussy orchestrated only two and reverted the order. The name used by Orledge is Gymnopédies, consistent with a Satie's manuscript seen on a web site.
Since I consider Gymnopédies as a collection (=Works group), what should be the name of the works?

  1. Première Gymnopédie
  2. {Gymnopédies:} I
  3. {Gymnopédies:} Première Gymnopédie

If the first name is used, the second Gymnopédie is not close to the first in an alphabetical list of Satie's works.