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Collaboration of the Month

Alert.png there is some contention of the name of this project (scroll down to the discussion section)

Loads of compilations and re-releases that have to be verified and bad style in parts. Some entanglement with other artists (esp. The Wailers).

Every month or so a new artist is chosen from a list of nominations to be the subject of Collaboration of the Month. The aim is to work as a team to provide the most complete discography possible for a major artist in about one month. Good candidates for CotM should be well-known artists that have messy and incomplete MusicBrainz entries.

Each collaboration can be organised and discussed in it's own wiki page and forum topic.

Selecting the next Collaboration of the Month

To nominate an artist for next months collaboration, list the artists name at the end of the list below. To vote for a nomination, enter your name underneath the description.

Nominations for Collaboration of the Month

  • The Who
    • I think it would be a good challenge; normal bootlegs and official bootlegs (if there is such a thing).
  • Status Quo
  • "One Hit Wonder" Cleanup
    • Rather than one big-name artist with a lot of releases, we spend a month cleaning up a few hundred one-hit wonder artist who never otherwise get any attention -- -- BrianSchweitzer 17:15, 22 May 2007 (UTC)

Nominations for Collaboration of the Month: June 2007

  • The Dubliners
    • Has appeared on millions on VA releases, have appeared on UK hit charts a few times, has released thousands of compilations, and some albums (in at least LP, MC, and CD formats). Has also had several line-up changes through the years (due to both deaths and more mundane causes). If possible, June would be a good month for me to dive into The Dubliners, preferably with the help of others. -- FrederikSOlesen 09:23, 30 April 2007 (UTC)

Previous Collaborations of the Month


New name

Is "Collaboration" really the best term to use for this project? IIRC there is already some issues with the term "collaboration" in MB. Does anyone have any better names for this project? Perhaps Artist Cleanup of the Month or something that actually describes what this actually project is without combining words/terms used in other places of MB. I'm marking this article/project as BadTerminology. --BrianG

  • I was thinking the same thing myself, "Artist Cleanup of the Month" sounds good but I think I'll wait and see what others think. --Mdhowe
    • Sounds good for me. --Nine99
      • While personally I think the word Collaboration is fine, I understand the objection. however it has sorta established itself as the term we've come to use for it, it's to bad that brian didn't have this idea right at the beginning : ( ~mo
        • I definitely think another name is needed.. Not familiar with Collab of the Month 'project' until now, I had to find the wiki page to see what this was. "Collaboration" though by definition is correct is confusing partly by it's use in AR's. If you want to keep it use something like "Artist Cleanup Collaboration of the Month". Though like above "Artist Cleanup of the Month" or "Artist Cleanup Project of the Month" sounds better to me. --teleGUISE
    How about "Monthly Brainz Beautification"? --voiceinsideyou


OK, so should we vote on if we want the name to change then? just ad your name name under one of the options with a new '*'

Do we change the name?

  • No, keep it as "Collaboration of the Month"
    • add your name
  • Yes, but I want a different name (please also write that.)


I'm starting to think that one month isn't long enough considering the amount of moderators helping out and the amount of time we can all spend on MB (or want to spend on the one artist). Maybe two months is better? We could probably keep the 'of the Month' extension though, if an artist is cleaned up sufficiently in one month we can move on. --Mdhowe

  • I wouldn't mind it being "open" for more than one month. -- FrederikSOlesen 05:56, 22 May 2007 (UTC)