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The purpose of this code of conduct is to indicate the standard of professional behaviour to which MusicBrainz AutoEditors (aka AutoModerators) aspire, and which is intended to be an example to MusicBrainz users as a whole. It can be used by autoeditors to measure their own behaviour, and as a reference when considering the behaviour of others. The items in the code are intended to be as close as possible to observable or measureable behaviours, rather than requiring subjective or ethical judgement.

Code of Conduct

1. Respect the generally accepted norms of etiquette for human communications, especially by avoiding communications that are false or are likely to be considered as discourteous, objectionable, malicious, unwanted, or causing unjustified loss of prestige. Avoid fraudulent or deceptive statements.

2. Treat all users fairly and on equal terms.

3. Encourage others to follow this code of conduct, and discourage breaches of this code. Offer and accept honest and constructive criticisms of opinions and work as they relate to this code.

Dealing With Open Edits

How should autoeditors deal with open edits, that they think are correct?

IIRC it was said, that autoeditors should not redo the same edit as an AutoEdit. While this might speed up the process of correcting MB data, it will make the other contributor's edit fail, and thus raise his FailedEditCount.

Making Disputed Edits

Autoeditors must never use their privileges to decide disputed edits in their favor.

alway check an items history before making a change that could be disputed. If you made an AutoEdit and then realise that it is disputed, you should:

  • Excuse yourself in a ModerationNote.
  • If you offended someone, revert your edit as a simple matter of courtesy.
  • Temporarily disable your AutoEditor privileges and enter the edit again as one to be voted upon.

Comments and additions

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