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MusicBrainz uses two IRC channels for real-time chat and discussions. For more information about IRC in general, see the Wikipedia article. If you don't have an IRC client (such as mIRC or Colloquy), Freenode provide a web-based client.

Please note that all users of the IRC channel are expected to follow the Code Of Conduct.


The main channel is #musicbrainz on

Among the regulars in this channel are quite a few of the developers as well as some of the auto-editors and other active MusicBrainz users. Anything related to MusicBrainz, including Picard and other products, is welcome here. References to IRC in MusicBrainz generally refer to this channel. As in many communities, the regulars in the channel have their own slang.

The development channel is #musicbrainz-devel on

There is a weekly dev chat held in this channel. A reminder is normally sent out to the developers mailing list Sunday night/Monday morning.

At other times, this channel is normally used for discussions between the developers, particularly when the main channel is busy.

There are channels in other languages than english:


MBChatLogger is a bot which logs all conversion in the MusicBrainz IRC channels. You can see all of the chat log archives at


  • MBChatLogger: off - this turns logging off until MBChatLogger is told to begin logging again
  • MBChatLogger: on - this turns logging on after MBChatLogger has been told to stop logging

MBChatLogger also responds to a small handful of random phrases but you'll just have to check out #musicbrainz to find out what those phrases are.