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List of common Greek words used to express the credits information in Releases.

Greek literal translation to English Notes MusicBrainz AR
σύνθεση: artist composition: artist was composed by artist (ComposerRelationshipType)
μουσική: artist music: artist
συνθέτης: artist composer: artist
ενορχήστρωση: artist arrangement or orchestration: artist I am kinda baffled since I have seen both translations, since orchestration refers to adaptation for performance by an orchestra the decision of which translation to use should be easy, however the differentiation is not always that straightforward. I'd say when in doubt use arrangement since it is a wider term than orchestration.--Daydreamer 16:57, 25 January 2010 (UTC) was arranged by artist (ArrangerRelationshipType) or was orchestrated by artist ( OrchestratorRelationshipType)
στίχοι: artist lyrics: artist artist wrote the lyrics for (LyricistRelationshipType)
στιχουργός: artist lyricist: artist
παραγωγή: artist production: artist Sometimes the music label is credited with this role and thus the AR is not appropriate was produced by artist (ProducerRelationshipType)
παραγωγός: artist producer: artist
διεύθυνση παραγωγής: artist production direction: artist Usually this credit is given to representatives of music labels and most likely fits the executive production role--Daydreamer 16:57, 25 January 2010 (UTC) was executive produced by artist (ProducerRelationshipType)
επιμέλεια παραγωγής: artist production assiduity (?): artist This is always found in conjunction with the διεύθυνση παραγωγής credit mentioned above and most likely fits the actual role of the music producer--Daydreamer 16:57, 25 January 2010 (UTC) was produced by artist (ProducerRelationshipType)
εκτέλεση παραγωγής: artist production execution (?): artist As above
προγραμματισμός: artist programming: artist was programmed by artist (ProgrammingRelationshipType)
μίξη: artist mix: artist was mixed by artist (EngineerRelationshipType)

List of instrument translations in Greek (especially for the non-obvious)

Greek Translations Notes MusicBrainz instrument
Τουμπερλέκι or τουμπελέκι English: Goblet drum, Turkish: Darbuka may constitute a separate instrument since for eg darbuka already is one Goblet drum or Darbuka
Ούτι English: oud The greek Outi may need to be a new instrument oud
Ντέφι English: tambourine Tambourine may just be a superclass tambourine
Φλογέρα English: recorder most likely translation and the weirdest by far recorder
Γκάιντα English: gaida [1] eastern european type of bagpipe not currently on list
Φυσαρμόνικα English: harmonica harmonica
Καβάλ English: Kaval [2] balkan type of flute not currently on list
Μπεντίρ English: Bendir Bendir
Κανονάκι English: Kanun Kanun
Saz According to wikipedia, saz is more or less the same as bağlama, probably a bit wider term not currently on list
Μπαγλαμάς English: Baglama Greek baglama & turkish or middle eastern baglama are not the same instrument, the greek one is closer to a bouzouki. (according to [3]) baglama
Λαούτο English: laouto Λαούτο (laouto) is probably not the same as lute but a subclass of it according to [4] lute (probably superclass), laouto not currently on list
Τζουράς English: tzoura or tsoura lute-type instrument: link with photo: [5] not currently on list
Ζίλια English: zilia (?) appears here not currently on list
Νέι, Νάι English: nai or ney or ... [6] nai
rubab or robab [7] not currently on list
Πολίτικη λύρα English: kemenche kemenche
Νταούλι English/Turkish: davul According to wikipedia: [8] the greek davul (daouli) might constitute a separate instrument (as do other local types of davul in the Balkans) because of differences in structure Davul
Μπαγιαν English: bayan Bayan
Φαγκότο English: Bassoon Wind instrument. [9] [10] Bassoon


For formatting I just used the format used in CreditTranslations/Italian, any changes, suggestions to improve readability accepted :). Also some of these are not 100% certain, suggestions, corrections and comments are also accepted (and needed). Hopefully at some point another editor that knows greek will be able to help. -- daydreamer 12:03, 13 May 2008 (UTC)

As far as the instrument translations list is concerned some of those instruments may need addition to the instrument tree--Daydreamer 12:24, 15 January 2010 (UTC)