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#REDIRECT [[Special_Purpose_Artist]]
Data tracks are additional [[Track|track]]s on audio CDs that contain other data than the normal CD audio.
Apply the [[Data Track Style|DataTrackStyle]], if you enter a CD with a data track into MusicBrainz.
==How to recognize a Data Track==
Some keywords that pop up repeatedly in data tracks:
* cccd *
* cd-extra
* cd-maximum catalogue
* cd media
* cd plus, cd+
* cd-rom
* cd track
* copy control, copycontrol
* copy protection
* data
* do not rip
* enhanced
* lgcd *
* multimedia
* quicktime
* open disc, opendisc
* video, videos
* These often appear as the title for last two tracks; both can be deleted
also, words used for data tracks in various languages:
* dados (Portuguese)
* data, dataspår (Swedish)
* data, dataspor (Norwegian, Danish)
* Daten, Daten-cd, Datentrack (German)
* datos (Spanish)
* dodatki multimedialne, prezentacja multimedialna (Polish)
* données (French)
* gegevens (Dutch)
* данные, диск с данными (Russian), äèñê ñ äàííûìè (badly encoded Russian)
* データ (Japanese)
* στοιχεία (Greek)
and the words for copy protection in various languages:
* beveiliging, kopieerbeveiliging (Dutch)
* Kopierschutz (German)
* kopibeskyttelse (Norwegian, Danish)
* kopieringsskydd (Swedish)
These should all be added as aliases of the [[Special Purpose Artist|SpecialPurposeArtist]] '''[data track]''' ([http://www.musicbrainz.org/showaliases.html?artistid=41744 which] should be used for data tracks on [[Various Artists|VariousArtists]] albums).
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