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This year Robert Kaye, Oliver Charles and Kuno Woudt will be mentoring students. That's ruaok (Robert), warp (Kuno) and ocharles (Oliver) on IRC, if you want to come and speak to us first.


Repository for Creative Commons-licensed reviews

Read-only, browser-oriented site

Location support


Server Internationalisation links to relevant transifex, language-specific translator pages, and such.

Internationalization is a very old discussion of issues re: internationalization; some may still be useful.


About proposals

Before you dive in and send a proposal to us through Google, it's a good idea to take some time and learn about the MusicBrainz community. At MusicBrainz we pride ourselves for having a strong community - most of us know each other in same way, and some of us know each other face to face from development summits.

A good way to get a feel of this would be to lurk around in IRC, or to talk about your proposals on the mailing list.