Dormant Work

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Dormant work is current work in the MusicBrainzDevelopment that has come to a halt for different reasons. It is not finished so that it could be classified as FinishedWork.

Debian Server Package

TimOlsen and MatthewExon are creating a DebianServerPackage that will automate the installation of a MusicBrainz server.


MatthiasFriedrich and Keschte have picked up the ArtistPageRedesign again.
  • Attention.png A year later, this will be be re-activated once more. Let's hope it gets done this time... ;) --Keschte


SurvivalOfTheFittest: Some of the small StepsTowardsSurvivalOfTheFittest were worked on. But this might change and could be incorporated into the proposal for QualityAndQuantity. Some aspects of this work will be carried out in DataQuality.

Miscellaneous improvements to editing, voting and communication

We have agreed on some ModerationImprovements. Parts of this have already been implemented, other parts will never be used. This is more of a permanent work than a current project.
Only one of these (Changes/improvements to CommunicationBetweenEditors) was implemented. The rest are SmallNewFeatures, and I think all of them are accepted as good ideas, but since nobody is working on them, I would move this to FutureWork and/or just dump the contents into FutureWork. @alex