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keschte.jpg Keschte (g0llum before 05/2006) is the MusicBrainz developer current most active working on the MusicBrainz Server. He is sometimes mocked about his dedication to fancy JavaScript interfaces, but then again: Most Brainzers came to like the tools he developed, most noteable maybe the GuessCase script. His dedication to MusicBrainz is fond, he even finds time to do an occasional edit besides the development work. After a degree in Computer Science at the Fachhochschule Biel (Switzerland), he first worked at the R&D unit of Swisscom, the largest telecom provider in Switzerland, the projects were mostly in the area of rapid prototyping, as well as user interfaces in Flash. Since 02/2006, he is employed by a small company of engineers specialising in database and business intelligence integration on Microsoft .NET technologies.

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Current work

This is what keeps me busy on MusicBrainz: