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A fictitious artist is a person (or group) that does not exist in the real world but is in one way or the other of discographic relevance - e.g. characters from a movie - and therefore exists as a valid artist in the database. The actor, voice actor, or creator that exists in real life isn't directly credited to the releases or track but is linked to the fictional artist through a PerformanceNameRelationshipType.

This could lead to a chain of charaters such with the members of Spinal Tap; Christopher Guest performs as Nigel Tufnel who is a member of Spinal Tap. Remember DontMakeRelationshipClusters, to avoid potential problems make sure the chain is linear and doesn't take shortcuts; for example, Christopher Guest is not a member of Spinal Tap.

List of fictious artists

This page lists artists that are/were in some way fictitious. There is some discussion on the mailing list. Please add missing artists.

(ordered alphabetically)


The last entry (День радио) is a good example for a special case. How about artists that use different performance names for one album? Are those considered fictitious artists then or just performance names? (Not so important now of course as we don't have any special guidelines) Two similar examples: Mick's Tape (Mixed by Cassetteboy), filled with aliases by Cassetteboy. Or take Sleepingroom, Volume 1 by Schiller. I did not yet convert it to VariousArtists because I'm not sure about this one. The cover lists this as VA with different TrackArtists actually but the tracks are likely to be all done by the same person (I guess to promote his label). --Shepard