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Status: This page describes an active style guideline proposal and is not official.

Proposal number: RFC-82
Champion: BrianFreud
Current status: Awaiting NGS implementation for final revision and passage.


Trac ticket # 4426

The Classical Style Guidelines:

CSG for Tracks and Recordings:

Track/Recording Artist

Official Documentation > Style Guidelines > The Classical Style Guidelines
Title: Work and Opus | Movement | Ornamentation | Special Cases

The artist should be the composer(s) of the performed work.

The correct composer(s) to use may not be obvious:

  • A work was left unfinished by the original composer, then completed by another composer.
    Use both composers.
  • A work by one composer consists of variations on a work by a different composer.
    Use the composer of the variations.
  • A work was composed by one composer, then arranged, orchestrated, and/or instrumentated by a different artist.
    Use the composer, not the arranger, orchestrator, or instrumentator.

If it is unclear as to whether a work should be considered an arrangement or a variation, or if the composer is unclear for other reasons, then the style list should be consulted for guidance.