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The first official MusicBrainz hack weekend will take place between X and Y.

Possible Dates

ruaok, warp and ocharles discussed this in person and the weekend of 2012-08-18 looks good.


The main event will be taking place in the #musicbrainz-devel IRC channel on irc.freenode.org. We also encourage local people to get together and work on things in person if possible. If you're interested in that, please add your details below:

  • ocharles (Oliver Charles) will be in London. If anyone wants to meet, it may be possible to use the Last.fm offices as hack space (need to confirm).
  • ianmcorvidae (Ian McEwen) is in Tucson, AZ, USA. On the off chance anyone else is nearby Ian can host some folks, or we can find somewhere to congregate.


Real time events

Proposed by: ocharles

Now that we have PgQ in our live database, we can do a lot of cool things. Something I'd love to see is a #musicbrainz-editing IRC channel, where a bot can announce changes to an IRC channel. When someone creates an edit, or leaves an edit note, the bot will announce this into the IRC channel. I think this will be interesting just to watch editing in realtime, but also it might have nice side effects on encouraging editing/voting participation.

I would also like to use this event framework to generate an RSS feed of changed MBIDs. This should help reduce problems with libraries doing massive database updates via the web service (headphones, we're looking at you!)

It might be more than we can do in this weekend, but the same idea could be extended to full, actual last-modified support with a bit of legwork mapping database tables and potentially-affected WS endpoints/inc parameters. Ianmcorvidae 19:03, 15 June 2012 (UTC)

Improving MBChatLogger

Proposed by: ocharles

Developers often mention JIRA tickets and Code Reviews in IRC, and it'd be really useful if a bot could translate those into real links that people can click. Going further, it might be nice to integrate Git commits, JIRA and Review Board activity straight into the IRC channel.

I agree; it'd also be really nice to get rid of the current useless links, and probably also improve or get rid of the silly catchphrases -- for example, stfu.se gets linked whenever the string 'stfu' comes up, making it hard to talk about your "restful night" and other such topics. MBChatLogger also doesn't actually log correctly, especially quits/parts. Ianmcorvidae 18:55, 15 June 2012 (UTC)





An hour long meeting where everyone gets to talk about what they did, and show off their work.

Blog Post

The following needs work, and will be posted to the blog/mb-devel mailing list:

Introducing the first MusicBrainz Online Hack-Weekend

There have been a few discussions on IRC recently about having an online hack weekend, and I'm happy to announce that we finally have some plans.

Between <confirm date> and <confirm date>, we will be encouraging the community to combine together to create some really cool applications that either use MusicBrainz data, or make changes to MusicBrainz itself. We've chosen a fairly long timeframe (compared to a typical hackday) due to the remote nature. Hopefully people from all over the world will combine to create some really neat stuff.

People have already began sketching out project ideas over at the [hack day wiki page], and we encourage you to add any of your own ideas down - even if you can't make the hackday.

For more information about the hack day, and to help organise it, drop by the #musicbrainz IRC channel (link to IRC wiki doc).

We've never done this before, but we're really excited and hopefully it's going to be a blast. See you in a few weeks!