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Problematic Cases

  • Editing a track title/artist.
    • Should it modify the linked recording?
    • Should it automatically break the link to the recording, if it's changed? (e.g. editor trying to change a track on a tracklist)
    • Should it just change the track, keep the link to recording and the recording itself untouched? (we will probably get incorrectly linked recordings)
  • Adding/removing a track.
    • Should it create a new tracklist?
    • Should it modify the tracklist, which will most likely change many other releases?
  • Not directly related to the release editor, but the above issue affects this. CD TOCs are currently linked to tracklists. That means creating new tracklists automatically is not possible. Should CD TOCs be on medium, rather than tracklist?

Use Cases

Track Level

  • Fixing a typo in a track title/artist
  • Changing one tracklist "position" to a different track/recording
  • Reordering tracks
  • Adding a track
  • Removing a track

Medium Level

  • Editing medium title/format
  • Reordering mediums
  • Adding a new medium with a new tracklist
  • Adding a new medium with an existing tracklist
  • Removing a medium

Release Level

  • Editing release name/status/barcode/etc.
  • Editing release artist credit (should affect all tracks for SA releases?)
  • Adding/removing/changing release labels -- label, catalog number pairs