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The Mix Object

This page describes the mix object and its role in the ObjectModel.


A mix is the result of modifications to a recording as described in ../RecordingObject. In most cases the source for the mixing process is a number of sound parts that were recorded before. These parts can be combined, repeated, merged, overlayed, edited, stripped or in any other way changed to produce a result that is one single piece of audible music. Its sound is the same as the sound of the related ../MasterObjects and ../TrackObjects although it is not related to any physical medium yet.


Boundaries to the RecordingObject

When a ../RecordingObject that is the raw recorded music data is modified/edited and optionally merged to create a single piece of music it becomes a ../MixObject. The overall sound of the ../MixObject is identical to what should become the related track on a release.

Boundaries to the MasterObject

As long as a ../MixObject is not related to a medium it should be released on (note, this "medium" doesn't have to be something physical, but can also be a file format) it is just a mix.


Relationships to the RecordingObject

  • Attention.png This probably needs to be discussed (mix also for remixes with more than one source?) A mix is often related to only one ../RecordingObject that was used as the audio source to create the mix as a single piece of music.


Relationships to the MasterObject

  • A mix can be the source for one or more masters during the process of preparing the piece of music for a release on any medium. Each medium type requires a different master, so on most cases one mix will be related to more than one ../MasterObjects.


Relationships to the ArtistObject

  • The artists who are responsible for the mixing process that create a ../MixObject are defined by this relationship. The use of this relationship is optional (for cases, where the mixer is unknown or not available). This relationship defines the ../ArtistObjectRole Mixer (or mix artist).