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Style for Remixes and Alternative Versions of Songs

(Re)mix and version information of a song represented by a track must be entered in parentheses after the track's MainTitle. The title of the mix/version and other proper names are formatted according to the CapitalizationStandard, the other parts of this extra information must be put in lower case.

Note that we generally do not retain information such as "(album version)" as this is considered incidental. If the release is a single, of course one of the tracks is going to be the "album version"; "album version" is not part of the title, and is extraneous ExtraTitleInformation.

For the guidelines to apply to OverClocked ReMix tracks, check OCReMixStyle.

This is an OfficialStyleGuideline. It is a sub-style of the more general ExtraTitleInformationStyle.


Blue (extended mix)

Bust the Future Wall (DJ Visage remix)

Talking All That Jazz (Torti's Old School Mix of Edits dub)

Bear Witness (Automator's 2 Turntables and a Razor Blade re-edit)

Disciple (demo)


IIUC The original artist is to be filed as the TrackArtist and the remixer in the TrackTitle in parantheses, right? But what about albums? Who should be the PrimaryArtist there: The original artist or the remixer? --DonRedman