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Attention.png On 2006/04/20, we started changing the terminology from Album to Release. This is now more or less FinishedWork --Keschte

What will be changed?

  • The wiki pages titles, and content of official documents
  • All the static documents, currently on the main server will be wikized, and will make use of the terminology changes currently conducted on the wiki. (see WikiDocs)

What will not be changed?

  • Names of the pages on the MusicBrainz Server which include the word album in their title
  • The names of the URL parameters (e.g. albumid)
  • The name of the Database tables, and the respective perl classes.

Copy+Paste thingies:

Attention.png Status: This document might contain references to BadWikiNames because of the terminology change from Album to Release; Please revise --Keschte


  • There is a ReleaseAttributeType Album -> It should be renamed to "Full-Length Release" or "Long Play" as suggested in the description of this item.
  • The Release Status Promotion uses the definition ... (e.g. prerelease albums or ... -> what is the proper label for a pre-release release?
  • Rename all EditType pages to have a suffix Edit (e.g. AddArtist -> AddArtistEdit) Checkmark.png
  • Finish RemoveAlbum -> RemoveReleaseEdit Checkmark.png
  • Rename EditType pages which are named EditSomeName to SomeNameEdit.

Author: --Keschte