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'Arbitrary' relationships?

Hi, not sure if this is the right page to bring this up, but anyway: is there currently a way to say 'band A is related to band B' in a general sense? Like the 'related artists' link on the website, which is currently implemented by getting the data from 'Agent Arts'. I'd think it'd be nice to at least be able to add extensions to that list in the MusicBrainz database. This would be a 'relation' being based not on a fact, but on the opinion of a moderator. -- Arnout

I highly agree with this.. for example, I can't see how "Deep Purple" relates to "Eminem" in Any way. --mo

What about link_release_release with a value how much they fit the same mood. This would allow IntelligentPlaylistGeneration. I'll give it a new page tough, because this one is getting huge. So pease visit IntelligentPlaylistGeneration. -- DonRedman