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A Label annotation is user contributed text attached to a specific label entry.

{i} You may consult either the Annotation or Label page for general informations about them.

Label annotation content

Idea.png A label annotation may hold any information about a label that does not fit into the fields of the database. The following uses are suggested:

  • Trivia:
  • example: Prestige was known as "The Junky Label"
  • Textual historical facts:
  • example: Debut catalog was offered to Fantasy Records by Charles Mingus as a "wedding present"
  • Additional disambiguation: identically named labels are usually distinguished thanks to a short label comment. Sometimes, though, it may be useful to provide additional information, or special warnings.
  • example: There are at least four different Dial Records, and you should be extra careful when deciding to which you attribute a release.
  • Miscellaneous editing warnings or informations:
  • example: BYGActuel is the correct name and should not be modified to Actuel
  • Additional comment about the state of the informations attached to the label entry:
  • example: Badly lacking historical information about Bird Notes. If you have some information, please provide them or drop a mail to editor dmppanda
  • To do list: list of pending work, draft, data fragments awaiting to be properly added. You should use the word TODO, as to make your list easily find-able via a search on annotations.
  • example: TODO: research, dig and sort out the awful Toshiba Blue Note reissue mess (all TOCJ and TOJJ series)
  • Open issues to resolve: if you think something is wrong, but you're not sure or don't want to fix it yourself, you can write a short note to warn others about it. You may use the word FIXME before your note.
  • example: FIXME: some of the releases here are not Blue Notes, but probably Mosaic.
  • Data that can't fit in the fields of the database, but should, due to a current technical limitation: we actually have no way to specify non continuous multiple periods of activity for a label.
  • example: Blue Note went dormant during the late 70s, before it was revived during the 80s.
  • This list is not exhaustive: you may use a label annotation for pretty much anything you can think of - as long as it matches the purpose of Annotations, and relates to the label entry to which it's attached.

{X} You mustn't add copyrighted content copied from other resources, be they online or printed. More generally, you really shouldn't copy/paste any kind of content, unless it's purely factual.

Label annotation style

At that time there is no official (neither recommended) style for label annotations. We may later propose such a style guide if there is really a need for it.