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This page lists Latvian works with some uncertainty about their authors.

Kafijpupiņas by Vaidava

* What is the full name of music author A. Siņkovs?
* Who wrote the lyrics? 
   Tu būsi vēl says "Laimonis Vāczemnieks". 
   80-tie #2 says "Dagnija Dreika"

Spītība by Viktors Lapčenoks

* Who wrote the lyrics? "Jānis Peters" or "Imants Ziedonis"?
   Viktors Lapčenoks - kolekcija 1 says "Jānis Peters"
   70-tie #2 says "Jānis Peters"
   Laternu stundā says "Imants Ziedonis"
   Dejosim ar Raimondu Paulu says "Imants Ziedonis"

Rīgas leģenda

* Who wrote lyrics? "Alfrēds Krūklis" or "Jānis Peters"?
   Zelta 70 says "Alfrēds Krūklis"
   Dueti says "Jānis Peters"

Cik laimīgi esam by Gain Fast

* Who wrote the lyrics?
  Booklet summary says that lyrics for all tracks except 8 are written by "Kaspars Zlidnis", but at the same time in lyrics page "Didzis Bardovskis" is credited as text author

Release Uijā, uijā, nikni vilki by Dzelzs vilks

* Who wrote lyrics for each individual song? For entire album credited as "Tautasdziesmas" & "Juris Kaukulis".

Ej, stāsti kalnos,lejās

* Who is "Z. Vīķe" who together with latvian from Canada "Ivars Gaide" translated "Go Tell It on the Mountain" to Latvian?

Pār mazo ciemu ielejā

* Who translated "It Came Upon the Midnight Clear" to Latvian?

Tik spoži mirdz

* Cover of what Christmas song is it?