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The MusicBrainz Database


The MusicBrainz database stores all the data of the MusicBrainz music metadata catalogue. This data includes all the data about Artists, Releases, Tracks, AdvancedRelationships between them, but also the MusicBrainz users (editors) and the changes they entered into the database (edits).


The MusicBrainz database is built on the Postgres relational database engine. Therefore the data files are provided in the Postgres "dump" format, only really suitable for restoring to a Postgres database. See the DatabaseSchema documentation for a description of the schema, and what each of the tables are used for.


The data collected by the MusicBrainz project is made available to the public under open licenses. Some of the data is available under the Public Domain, and some under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license (See MusicBrainzLicense for more details).

Live data-feed (or Replication)

The live data-feed enables a server running a PostgreSQL database in conjunction with the MusicBrainz Server to automatically stay in synch with the main server (See LiveDataFeed for more details).

Author: Keschte