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Please read the MusicBrainz Database product page and the database schema documentation if you are not familiar with the MusicBrainz Database.


There are a two different methods to get a local database up and running, you can either:

  • Download a pre-configured virtual image of the MusicBrainz Server, or
  • Download the data dumps and follow the relevant section of the


If you are interested in keeping the data in sync with MusicBrainz using our live data feed, you can either:

  • Enable replication in the pre-configured virtual image,
  • Use an alternative PostgreSQL setup using mbslave that includes replication without the rest of MusicBrainz Server, or
  • Use an alternative MySQL setup using mbzdb that includes replication without the rest of MusicBrainz Server


The data dumps are available for downloaded at


The license and contents of each file is described below.

Public Domain

norights-a.gif The core data (artists, releases, recordings, etc.) is released into the public domain.

Core data
CD stubs

Creative Commons

File:cc-nc-sa-2.0-88x31.png Derived data (annotations, tags, search indexes) along with a complete edit history and non-personal user data is available under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 license.

Derived data
Edit history (open and closed edits, edit notes, votes, auto-editor elections)
Non-personal user data