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Entity Types


An artist is generally a musician, group of musicians, a collaboration of multiple musicians or other music professional contributing to the works described in the MusicBrainz Database.

Artist Credit

List of artists, variations of artist names and pieces of text to join the artist names.


Labels in MusicBrainz refer mainly to imprints on releases, and to a lesser extent, the record companies behind those imprints.


Piece of media, included in a release. Contains information about the format, position in the release and an optional title.


Represents unique audio data. Has title, artist credit, duration, list of PUIDs and ISRCs.


Real-world release object you can buy in your music store.

Release Group

Represents an abstract "album" entity. Technically it's a group of releases, with a specified type.


Contains a link to a recording, title, artist credit and the position on the tracklist.


Simple ordered list of tracks. Tracklists are used by mediums.


Represents a regular internet Uniform Resource Locator and an associated description of that URL.


One layer above recordings ("song", "composition", etc.). While recording represents audio data, work represents the composition behind the recording.