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(announcement here: http://blog.musicbrainz.org/?p=400).
(announcement here: http://blog.musicbrainz.org/?p=400).
The Summit was a blast, [[MusicBrainz Summit 10\Session Notes|session notes]] are available.

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The next MusicBrainz summit will happen on 28 November, 2009 in Nürnberg, Germany! More details will come in the following weeks…

(announcement here: http://blog.musicbrainz.org/?p=400).


The Summit was a blast, session notes are available.


Nürnberg, Germany

We are getting a room "Klee-Center" (http://www.klee-center.de/), will be probably the smaller one: http://www.klee-center.de/uploads/pics/seminar5_600.gif.


If you're planning on attending put your name down below. Don't worry - doesn't have to be definite, but it's nice to have a rough idea :)

  • pronik (local)
  • ijabz (arriving NUE 22:25 Air Berlin 8595 on Thursday)
  • ruaok (arriving Nürnberg Hbf 14:24 on ICE 787)
  • nikki (arriving Nürnberg Hbf 14:59 on ICE 625)
  • warp (arriving with Nikki)
  • Prodoc (arriving with nikki & warp)
  • chirlu (arriving Nürnberg Hbf 16:24 on ICE 789)
  • mathiaskunter (arriving around 18:00, probably by car)
  • acid2 (arriving NUE 18:20 on Lufthansa 882)
  • outsidecontext (arriving Nürnberg Hbf 22:16 on IC 2105)


Friday 27 November

Location: Gasthof Süd/Restaurant TBD

Early evening: Arrive, check into gasthof and gather at a restaurant to have dinner. Late evening: Drinks and/or socializing (no real agenda)

Arrival: pronik and ruaok will be running around, trying to pick people up. However, as he still doesn't own a car, it's possible that we've got to use public transportation. If you get lost a.k.a. not picked up, run to the next subway (big blue "U") and take the line U1 or U11 to either "Langwasser Süd" or "Messe" and leave the train at "Hasenbuck". If you are coming with a plane, you'd need to start with line U2 (Röthenbach) and change lines at Hauptbahnhof to U1/U11.

Public transportation pricing: "Tagesticket plus" is a day-long ticket for two people, priced at €6,60. If we split up in pairs, each pair would need two of them -- one for friday and one for saturday/sunday, since "weekend == day". So essentially it's €6,60 a person + some common sense in transportation :)

Restaurant: Gasthof Süd is actually a restaurant + hotel, so it might actually be sensible to use that as restaurant on friday, since people will arrive one by one. They've got german and greek cuisine so I think it's a perfect place for the early evening (Update: We've got a reservation for the restaurant in the evening). For later evening, I'd recommend going out into town, since on that day, Christkindlesmarkt opens (which is also the reason for skipping the town for restaurants -- it will be really crowded there). It's open until 10pm on opening day. After that, we might as well just run through the town (Dürer bunny, for example).

Saturday 28 November

Location: Klee-Center

10am Crowd sourced breakfast
11am Summit begins
10pm Summit concludes (must be out of conference room)

We will do the crowd sourced breakfast again, where MetaBrainz will give 20/30EUR to a few volunteers who will go buy breakfast stuffs on their way to the conference room. No collusion between volunteers is allowed -- each volunteer (or team of volunteers) should spend money on the breakfast foods they'd like to eat. Once we meet at the conference room, we all share in what the volunteers brought. Its a good way to share a meal :)

(pronik) Apparently, a pretty decent store is just a couple of steps away from the hotel, will check if it's still there. If it is, we wouldn't need to go far for our breakfast ingredients. Any veggies around? For sunday, we could get our breakfast from Gasthof Süd.

We will also break during the day for meals as appropriate -- we'll work out many more details as we get closer.

The first thing we'll do is discuss the schedule and agenda. The points listed on the agenda are suggestions so far -- we'll discuss which points we want to talk about, take more suggestions for things to talk about and we'll come up with a rough schedule. Nothing is written in stone so far and everything is fluid.

We have 10 places reserved at Landbierparadies Sterzinger Straße (Location) for 10pm. A lot of different beers and schnaps at your disposal (some soft drinks are available too, but beer diversity is larger).

Sunday 29 November

Location: TBD

Optional. If people wish to continue various conversations, then we'll find a someplace informal to meet. Perhaps people will just wish to explore Nürnberg on Sunday.

I would encourage people to not leave before Sunday afternoon/evening -- this gives us a bit of a chance to pick up conversations if we choose.

Agenda items

  • NGS Review
  • Post NGS Documentation revamp
  • Post NGS release roadmap
    • Rewriting the edit system
    • Finish Classical support (Improved works, master table, etc)
    • I18N
  • How do we improve MusicBrainz support in clients.
    • How can clients query genre information from MusicBrainz
    • How does NGS affect tagging applications?
  • MusicBrainz music recommendation brainstorm project
  • Picard Roadmap

Please feel free to add more items. So far, these are not in any particular order.

Places to crash

We've reserved 10 beds at Gasthof Süd (http://www.gasthof-sued.de/) for the nights of friday 27th and saturday 28th. Gasthof Süd is close to the meeting room. According to Google's routing, it's a 12 minutes' walk.

Like always, first come first serve, we should be able to extend the booking a couple of weeks in advance.


People attending, but with other lodgings secured

Socializing and shopping