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MusicBrainz Summit 13 will happen between the 20th and 23rd September, 2013 at Wikimedia Germany in Berlin.

Tentative Schedule

People planning to attend should aim to arrive in time for dinner on the 20th (Friday), though it seems that people will arrive mid-day. We'll meet all day Saturday and Sunday at Wikimedia Germany. Plan to return home on the 23rd (Monday), or as late as possible on Sunday if you need to leave earlier.


Meals will be provided for: Breakfast and lunch with be crowd-sourced from a local supermarket. Dinner will be at local establishments. More details will be posted here as we get closer to the event.


We'll arrange and pay for lodging for community members again. Please stay tuned as this has not been arranged yet.

People confirmed to be attending

NOTE: We have a limit of 20 people who can attend, based on available capacity at Wikimedia Germany.

(times are for Friday/Monday except where otherwise noted)

Arriving Leaving Notes
Time Details Time Details
JonnyJD (lives in Berlin (Köpenick), I'm basically free Friday to Monday)
fractalizator (lives in Berlin (Schöneberg))
nikki 04:26 DB CNL457 13:48 DB ICE556 via Berlin Hbf
reosarevok 10:15 Air Baltic BT211 10:40 Air Baltic BT212 via TXL
kepstin 11:30 British Airways BA0982 11:00 British Airways BA0991 via TXL
ocharles 12:20 British Airways 983 via TXL
ruaok 12:55 Lufthansa 168 18:40 Swiss 971 via TXL
Mineo 13:32 DB IC2355 12:26 DB IC2356 via Berlin Hbf
CatCat 20:45 Ryanair FR8903 21:15 (Sun.) Ryanair FR8904 via SXF
luks (arrives by car, not decided on the exact time yet)
(corporate sponsor #1)
(corporate sponsor #2)
(corporate sponsor #3)

People who might attend

  • Freso (would like to go, but can't pay for (air)fare)
  • ianweller (would like to go, but can't pay for airfare)
  • navap
  • kloeri
  • Wizzcat
  • Leftmost
  • ijabz
  • KRSCuan if my schedule allows
  • LordSputnik if I can get time off work :)
  • Dupuy Although I've not been active in MBz for quite some time, I am now living in Berlin, and would love to attend if there's space. We have a large apartment in Wilmersdorf and I might be able to provide accommodations for some participants.


Saturday 21 September:

Sunday 22 September:

  • (add more here)

Important things to not forget, but that will be forgotten anyway

  • Napkins

Public Transportation in Berlin

Tegel Airport (TXL) is the more central one and in the north west. You can take a bus to train stations from there. Schönefeld (SXL) is just outside Berlin (SE) and you probably want to take the bus to Rudow (and underground train afterwards), but you can also take an express train (SXL express/RE, included in normal ABC ticket) to the city. If you have heard of Berlin Brandenburg International Airport (BER) that was supposed to open last year.. it still isn't. It would be close to SXL otherwise.

There is a map with the main trains (S-Bahn + U-Bahn). You can search for times and routes. The normal ticket costs 2,60 € and is for the parts A+B which is the whole city area, but without Schönefeld (SXF) Airport. You can then go with S+U Bahn, train (RE/RB), bus and tram for 2 hours. A short trip ticket is 1,50 € and you can go 3 train stations or 6 bus stations without changing trains. Day ticket is 6,70 €.

Some of the main trains also run (quite frequently) in the night. To other places you can get with night busses (starting with N). If you feel lost, try to find out where you are and call a taxi at +4930202020.

You are supposed to buy your tickets up front at the stations from ticket machines, but at buses you can also buy them when entering. Tickets are only checked randomly and not when entering stations or trains (you are supposed to show your ticket when entering a bus).