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The first AirBnB reservation has been made:
The first AirBnB reservation has been made:
* [https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/648385996962982846 AirBnB Listing]: Carrer de Roger de Flor, 37 2-5, 08018 Barcelona (Akshat, Aerozol, ATJ and Lucifer)
* [https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/648385996962982846 AirBnB 1]: Carrer de Roger de Flor, 37 planta 2 - puerta 5, 08018 Barcelona (Akshat, Aerozol, ATJ and Lucifer)
* [https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/1560631 AirBnB 2]: Carrer Ausiàs Marc, 59 planta 4 - puerta 1, 08010 Barcelona (Bitmap, Yvanzo, [spare bed])
== Headquarters ==
== Headquarters ==

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Summit 22 is happening between October 7 and 9 2022, at MetaBrainz HQ in Barcelona, Spain.

Virtual attendees can join via [zoom links coming soon™]

Safety precautions

COVID-19 tests will be available in the office. You will be required to do a daily test on arrival at the office. Tests can be picked up any time beforehand also, for earlier testing.

A safety kit is available at the office (tests, masks, disinfectant, etc)

Masks are encouraged but may not be practical for the whole summit.

If you test positive you will be asked to go the lodgings and participate virtually.

Suggestions of additional measures are welcome - everyone should feel safe!

Schedule of Events

This year we're going to change up the agenda in order to make it fit better with our inherit behavior of needing to socialize in the mornings. :)

Each day we'll gather in the morning in the office, where we'll have breakfast. Come when you are ready to come. Lunch will be in the office at 13:00 and we'll start our afternoon meetings each day at 14:00.

Each day we're going to tackle big topics and then once the big topics are taken care of, we'll ask for smaller topics that others wish to talk about:

  • Mornings, until 13:00: Be in the office, talk to people, catch up, whatever.
  • Lunch, 13:00 - 14:00: Lunch in the office, brought in from local places.
  • Big topics: 14:00 - 17:00 -- see agenda.
  • Ad hoc topics: 17:00 - 19:30
  • Dinner, at a restaurant, at 19:30.


Big topics to discuss and who needs to be present:

  • How to integrate Aerozol into our team effectively (everyone)
  • From project development to infrastructure maintenance (every techie: developers and sysadmins)
  • Oauth (everyone)
  • Bug tracker, post self hosted Jira. (everyone)
  • CritiqueBrainz

Other topics:

  • Reo's mom.


The first AirBnB reservation has been made:

  • AirBnB 1: Carrer de Roger de Flor, 37 planta 2 - puerta 5, 08018 Barcelona (Akshat, Aerozol, ATJ and Lucifer)
  • AirBnB 2: Carrer Ausiàs Marc, 59 planta 4 - puerta 1, 08010 Barcelona (Bitmap, Yvanzo, [spare bed])


We'll be at OfficeBrainz.


Summit attendees this year, sorted by arrival time:

Arrival date Arrival transport Departure date Departure transport Lodging Food Preference T-Shirt Size
Alastair Lives in BCN - - - No M
Monkey Lives in BCN Bike - - No Hot sauce M
ruaok Lives in BCN OneWheel - Skates No 🌱🐽🐟 XL
Zas Thu 29th Sep @ 19:32 Train / Sants Tue 11th @ 16:36 Train / Sants Oasis (mayhem's place) Anything but cucumber M
yvanzo Wed 5th @ 16:54 Train / Sants Tue 11th @ 11:05 Flight / T2 / EI563 Yes edible eLegant
Bitmap Wed 5th @ 09:00 AA 40 Tue 11th @ 09:40 AA 41 Yes Vegetarian M
Aerozol Tue 4th @ 08:30 Airplane Wed 12th @ 10:20 Airplane Roger de Flor Vegan M
akshaaatt Oct 4 Airplane Oct 11 Airplane Roger de Flor Anything and Everything L
Atj Tue 4th @ 16:00 Plane Wed 12th @ 16:35 Plane Roger de Flor 🌱🐽🐟 🫖 🍺 M
lucifer Oct 4 Airplane Roger de Flor Vegetarian L

Virtual attendees




  • Monkey: Food in the office: Both breakfast and lunch
  • Alastair: Covid preparedness: procuring self test, masks, hand sanitizer and whatever else we may feel we need in order to be safe.
  • Mayhem: Reservations for restaurants Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening.
  • Zas: Receiving attendees from the aerobus and shuffling them to their lodgings.

Emergency phone numbers

  1. 112 All emergencies


On arrival, head to Plaça Catalunya.

If you come by plane, you'll land at El Prat International Airport. The simplest way to go to the city center from there is to use Aerobús, a return ticket costs 10.20€ and can be bought online at https://aerobusbarcelona.es You can take either A1 or A2 line when coming from the airport, but on the return take care, A1 is going to Terminal 1, A2 to Terminal 2.

If you come by train, you'll likely arrive at Barcelona Sants. From there you can use Rodalies trains.

To go to Arc de Triomf (AirBnBs, OfficeBrainz) or Plaça Catalunya (center of town) from Sants, you can use lines:

  • R1 (direction Maçanet-Massanes)
  • R3 (direction Puigcerdà)
  • R4 (direction Manresa)

You may want to buy at departure station a T-Casual 10 trips 1 zone ticket: https://www.tmb.cat/en/barcelona-fares-metro-bus/single-and-integrated/t-casual They work for 10 trips using metro/bus/Rodalies in city center. You can also use TMB App (Metro Bus Barcelona) on mobiles.