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=MusicBrainz Metadata=
'''Status:''' ''The information on this page seems to be outdated and is slightly different from the official version at [[PicardTagMapping]]''
Applications that read or write metadata tags from music files should follow one consistent specification for what [[MusicBrainz]] information is stored where and in what tag. That way all the work of the various tagger applications will contribute to a well connected and clean body of metadata. Any application that deals with music should be able to read the [[MusicBrainz Identifier|MusicBrainzIdentifier]]s from a music file in order to communicate unambiguously about the music it's working with.
==MusicBrainz Track Identifier==
The ''MusicBrainz Track Id'' is the internal unique ID [[MusicBrainz]] defines for every object in its database.
==MusicBrainz Artist Identifier==
The ''MusicBrainz Artist Id'' is the [[Artist ID|ArtistID]] as stored in the [[MusicBrainz]] database.
==MusicBrainz Album Identifier==
The ''MusicBrainz Album Id'' is the [[Release ID|AlbumID]] as stored in the [[MusicBrainz]] database.
==MusicBrainz Album Artist Identifier==
The ''MusicBrainz Album Artist Id'' is used to store an artist identifier for the album the track is on. This is only for [[Various Artists Release|VariousArtistsRelease]]<code><nowiki></nowiki></code>s where the tracks have multiple different artists and the album itself is by the special artist ''[[Various Artists|VariousArtists]]'' with [[Artist ID|ArtistID]] <code><nowiki>89ad4ac3-39f7-470e-963a-56509c546377</nowiki></code>.
The value of this identifier is the [[Artist ID|ArtistID]] as stored in the [[MusicBrainz]] database.
==MusicBrainz Album Status==
This stores the status of the album the track is from. Possible values are, for example: ''official'', ''promotional'', ''bootleg''.
==MusicBrainz Album Type==
This type the status of the album the track is from. Possible values are, for example: ''album'', ''single'', ''live''.
==MusicIP PUID Identifier==
The ''MusicIP PUID'' is the track's [[PUID]] as stored in the [[MusicBrainz]] database.
=MusicBrainz Metadata Tags=
'''Metadata tags defined by MusicBrainz'''
{| border="1"
| '''Value''' || '''ID3v2''' || '''Vorbis Comments''' || '''MP4 (iTunes) tags''' || '''Windows Media''' || '''APE tags'''
| MusicBrainz Track Id || UFID:<code><nowiki>http://musicbrainz.org</nowiki></code> || MUSICBRAINZ_TRACKID || ----:MusicBrainz Track Id || MusicBrainz/Track Id || MUSICBRAINZ_TRACKID
| MusicBrainz Artist Id || TXXX:MusicBrainz Artist Id || MUSICBRAINZ_ARTISTID || ----:MusicBrainz Artist Id || MusicBrainz/Artist Id || MUSICBRAINZ_ARTISTID
| MusicBrainz Album Id || TXXX:MusicBrainz Album Id || MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMID || ----:MusicBrainz Album Id || MusicBrainz/Album Id || MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMID
| MusicBrainz Album Artist Id || TXXX:MusicBrainz Album Artist Id || MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMARTISTID || ----:MusicBrainz Album Artist Id || MusicBrainz/Album Artist Id || MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMARTISTID
| MusicBrainz Disc Id || TXXX:MusicBrainz Disc Id || MUSICBRAINZ_DISCID || ----:MusicBrainz Disc Id || MusicBrainz/Disc Id || MUSICBRAINZ_DISCID
| MusicBrainz Album Status || TXXX:MusicBrainz Album Status || MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMSTATUS || ----:MusicBrainz Album Status || MusicBrainz/Album Status || MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMSTATUS
| MusicBrainz Album Type || TXXX:MusicBrainz Album Type || MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMTYPE || ----:MusicBrainz Album Type || MusicBrainz/Album Type || MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMTYPE
| MusicBrainz Album Release Country || TXXX:MusicBrainz Album Release Country || RELEASECOUNTRY || ----:MusicBrainz Album Release Country || MusicBrainz/Album Release Country ||
'''Other important standard metadata tags'''
{| border="1"
| '''Value''' || '''ID3v2''' || '''Vorbis Comments''' || '''MP4 (iTunes) tags''' || '''Windows Media''' || '''APE tags'''
| Artist || TPE1 || ARTIST || ©ART || Author || Artist
| Album Artist || TPE2 || ALBUMARTIST || aART || WM/AlbumArtist || Album Artist
| Album || TALB || ALBUM || ©alb || WM/AlbumTitle || Album
| Title || TIT2 || TITLE || ©nam || Title || Title
| Track Number || TRCK || TRACKNUMBER || trkn || WM/TrackNumber || Track
| Release Date || TYER + TDAT (2.3), TDRC (2.4) || DATE || ©day || WM/Year || Year
| isCompilation || TCMP || COMPILATION || cpil || WM/IsCompilation || Compilation
| Album Artist Sortname || TSO2 + TXXX:ALBUMARTISTSORT || ALBUMARTISTSORT || soaa || WM/AlbumArtistSortOrder || ALBUMARTISTSORT
| Artist Sortname || XSOP (2.3), TSOP (2.4) || ARTISTSORT || soar || WM/ArtistSortOrder || ARTISTSORT
==ID3v2 Tags==
See [[ID3v2 Tags|ID3v2Tags]] for a list of proposed frames tagger applications could write. For more information on how to use ID3v2 tags in your own applications read the specifications on [http://www.id3.org/ http://www.id3.org/].
Note that ID3v2 frames can be stored in any order in the MP3 file.
===MusicBrainz Identifiers===
The ''MusicBrainz Track Id'' is stored in the special '''UFID''' frame, that contains two parts: The ''Owner Identifier'' selects the namespace where the identifies is unique. For [[MusicBrainz]] it is be guaranteed that this ID is unique on the server; therefore the default owner identifier is <code><nowiki>http://musicbrainz.org</nowiki></code>. The second part is the [[Track ID|TrackID]] for the track as stored in the [[MusicBrainz]] database.
All other MusicBrainz identifiers are stored in a user defined '''TXXX''' text information frame, encoded as a <code><nowiki>0x00</nowiki></code> terminated ISO-8859-1 string.
===General text frames===
Note that for each text frame (frame names starting with a '''T''') the encoding of the value strings can be defined in the frame header. ID3v2.3 supports UTF-16 and ISO-8859-1 encoded strings; ID3v2.4 has addional support for UTF-8 and UTF-16BE. [[MusicBrainz]] Identifiers must be encoded as ISO-8859-1 strings.
The following frames are used for the regular information from the database: '''TPE1''' for the main artist name, '''TALB''' for the album name, '''TIT2''' for the track title, '''TRCK''' for the track number on the album (without total number of tracks in the old [[MusicBrainz Tagger|MusicBrainzTagger]] and [[Picard Tagger|PicardTagger]] < 0.5.1 and with totals since [[Picard Tagger|PicardTagger]] 0.5.1).
===Compilation frame===
'''TCMP''' is a nonstandard tag that defines a track as being part of a compilation (VA album) if set to the string value '''"1"''' or part of a single artist album if set to the string value '''"0"'''. It is used by the iTunes music player software.
===Artist sortname frame===
The artist sortname is stored in the '''TSOP''' frame for ID3v2.4 and in the experimental '''XSOP''' frame for ID3v2.3.
===Release date frame===
ID3v2.3 is missing a standard frame for a detailed date. Therefore the experimental '''XDOR''' frame is used and the additional '''TORY''' that stores the year of release as a 4 digit number only is used.
In ID3v2.4 only the '''TDRL''' frame is used to store the complete release date in <code><nowiki>YYYY-MM-DD</nowiki></code> format.
==Vorbis Comments==
In contrast to the various possibilities of ID3 tagging, Vorbis and FLAC tags are stored in a unified way. All strings are encoded as UTF-8, tagged data is stored in the so called [http://www.xiph.org/vorbis/doc/v-comment.html comment header], each key value pair is specified as a tripplet of the form: <code><nowiki>[length in bytes][key]=[value]</nowiki></code>. Strings are not terminated. For proposed extensions to the default comment tags see [http://reactor-core.org/ogg-tag-recommendations.html Ogg Vorbis Comment Field Recommendations] and [http://www.gophernet.org/articles/vorbiscomment.html Extending Vorbis Comments].
Note that <code><nowiki>RELEASECOUNTRY</nowiki></code> is no standard tag and not mentioned in any of the proposals; <code><nowiki>DATE</nowiki></code> was originally specified to store the recording date while [[MusicBrainz]] defines only release dates.
==MP4 (iTunes) tags==
There is no official MPEG standard on how to embed metadata tags in MP4 files. Apple iTunes therefore started to use their own solution in order to be able to store metadata tags. Those iTunes tags quickly became the de-facto standard for metadata tags within MP4 files.
Metadata tags within MP4 files are stored within so-called "boxes" (also known as "atoms"). Those boxes can contain other boxes as childs within them. Metadata tags to be used with iTunes come in the <code><nowiki>moov.udta.meta.ilst</nowiki></code> hierarchy. The boxes located directly under the <code><nowiki>ilst</nowiki></code> box have specific names, which are listed in the overview table above.
There also is one special metadata box: the <code><nowiki>----</nowiki></code> box. It has the three child boxes <code><nowiki>mean</nowiki></code>, <code><nowiki>name</nowiki></code>, and <code><nowiki>data</nowiki></code>. The <code><nowiki>mean</nowiki></code> box always carries the string "com.apple.iTunes", while the <code><nowiki>name</nowiki></code> box holds the actual metadata identifier string. If the tag table above therefore lists, for example, an MP4 tag name of "----:MusicBrainz Disc Id", then this actually means that a <code><nowiki>----</nowiki></code> box is used with a child <code><nowiki>name</nowiki></code> box which holds "MusicBrainz Disc Id".
[http://www.musicbrainz.org/docs/specs/metadata_tags.html OriginalVersion]
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