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You are here. This is the MusicBrainzWiki. It is located at

When WikiDocs will be implemented this will not be as easy. You will then be able to view the content of this page wihtout being in the wiki through the WikiWebService. Therefore, the rest of this page deals with the purpose of the MusicBrainzWiki for the WikiDocs concept.

The Role of this Wiki with WikiDocs

The MusicBrainzWiki will be the source for all content of MusicBrainz. There will only be very few exceptions (about 20 pages that form the MainSiteStructure).

In the WikiDocsConcept the MusicBrainzWiki is seen as a community. This community uses, changes and develops the content of docs, help pages, discussions, guidelines etc. The wiki community has been very efficient in doing this because bot the experts (the solution providers) and the non-experts (the question posers) collaborate in the same space.

Thus, most of the wiki will be open for everyone to edit. We will not control the content in the wiki. We will, however, excerce some control over that part of the wiki's content which is integrated into the MainSite. This happens via the ModeratedWikiMirror.

Accessing the Wiki

The MusicBrainzWiki will be accessible in two ways:

  1. as a wiki, and
  2. through a WikiWebService

Accessing the Wiki as a Wiki (via MoinMoin)

If you access the wiki through the MoinMoin interface, you will be able to edit (nearly) all pages. This interface (I think they are called "themes" in MoinMoin) should have a look and feel that is similar to but still distinct from the MainSite. I suggest somthing like a light violet background, or perhaps an icon.

Accessing the Wiki via the Wiki Web Service

A visitor of MusicBrainz will first see the MainsiteStucture's content. Then he will seamlessly move into the ModeratedWikiMirror which will be served to him via the WikiWebService. If a page does not exist in the ModeratedWikiMirror, the web service will serve the resepective page from the MusicBrainzWiki. None of these pages are editable.

The page a user sees is directly taken from the wiki. It should have the same structure like the MainSite, but marker that makes clear that this is not the same as the rest of the home page. Such a marker could be the light violet background or the icon. There should probably also be a note that says that this page is maintained by the wiki community and a link to the same page in the MoinMoin wiki interface so that it can be edited there.

Changes in Wiki Culture

The wiki community will know that they create the content for the home page. Then WikiNeedsaNewCenter. We have therefore moved the center from HomePage to WikiHome. WikiHome should become the homepage for the wiki as a wiki. While the "homepage" for the moderated wiki content will of course be the MainSite.