Set Track Times From Disc ID

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Status: This Page is Glorious History!

The content of this page either is bit-rotted, or has lost its reason to exist due to some new features having been implemented in MusicBrainz, or maybe just described something that never made it in (or made it in a different way), or possibly is meant to store information and memories about our Glorious Past. We still keep this page to honor the brave editors who, during the prehistoric times (prehistoric for you, newcomer!), struggled hard to build a better present and dreamed of an even better future. We also keep it for archival purposes because possibly it still contains crazy thoughts and ideas that may be reused someday. If you're not into looking at either the past or the future, you should just disregard entirely this page content and look for an up to date documentation page elsewhere.

Proposed Set Track Times from DiscID Feature

Status: a similar feature has been implemented with SetReleaseDurationsEdit.

As part of the CalculateTrackTimes proposal, I suggest a new EditType that would recalculate the track times on an album using one of the attached DiscIDs.

Current Mechanism

Currently, track times are set automatically in some circumstances (see Current Mechanism in CalculateTrackTimes), but this edit is not recorded as a moderation.


I propose that the new edit type would be employed in two ways.

  1. It would be applied by ModBot whenever an album gets a single DiscID as described in CalculateTrackTimes.
  2. It could be a manually triggered by Editors to pick the best DiscID on albums with several.

The edit would be an AutoEdit for all users (including ModBot). The edit would provide an audit trail, and if it's applied incorrectly, it's easy for another Editor to select a different DiscID.

Interface picking which DiscID

A radio button could be added to the right hand end of each line of the DiscID detail table on the album details page. Then add a "Set Track times from this DiscID" button.


Would it make sense to support selection of a FreeDB id for setting track times as well? This would probably be a different EditType, but would be equally useful, especially when recovering from a mistaken SetTrackTimesFromDiscID and the "correct" DiscID isn't anywhere (but the correct info is in FreeDB).


Author: ZeroGravitas