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7 February 2023

     07:54  Disambiguation Comment diffhist +226 Reosarevok talk contribs
     06:48  MetaBrainz Meeting diffhist +414 Aerozol talk contribs added 'notes' and a line about review question and commentary etiquette Tag: Visual edit

4 February 2023

N    04:42  User:Cherryblossom diffhist +86 Cherryblossom talk contribs Created page with "I’m [ cherryblossom000] on MusicBrainz."
     04:40 User creation log User account Cherryblossom talk contribs was created ‎

2 February 2023

N    11:57  ListenBrainzCommunityManagerTasks‎‎ 3 changes history +2,341 [Reosarevok‎; RobertKaye‎ (2×)]
11:57 (cur | prev) -13 Reosarevok talk contribs
11:50 (cur | prev) +274 RobertKaye talk contribs
11:49 (cur | prev) +2,080 RobertKaye talk contribs Created page with "= ListenBrainz Community Manager Tasks = ListenBrainz, like our other projects have trouble users and spammers. Here are the two tools we have for dealing with them right now..."

31 January 2023

     18:43  (User rights log) [Reosarevok‎ (4×)]
18:43 Reosarevok talk contribs changed group membership for Aerozol from (none) to administrator and bureaucrat ‎
18:36 Reosarevok talk contribs changed group membership for CallerNo6 from administrator and wiki-editor to (none) ‎
18:35 Reosarevok talk contribs changed group membership for Nikki from bureaucrat, administrator and wiki-editor to (none) ‎
18:35 Reosarevok talk contribs changed group membership for Djce from bureaucrat and administrator to (none) ‎
     17:54  User:Freso/MetaBrainz meeting preparation‎‎ 2 changes history -483 [Freso‎ (2×)]
17:54 (cur | prev) -310 Freso talk contribs →‎Meeting notes template: Moved to MetaBrainz Meeting/Notes Template
10:37 (cur | prev) -173 Freso talk contribs →‎People for reviews: Embed MetaBrainz Meeting/Regulars instead of duplicating it.
N    17:53  MetaBrainz Meeting/Notes Template diffhist +342 Freso talk contribs Moved from User:Freso/MetaBrainz meeting preparation#Meeting notes template and slightly updated
N    10:32  MetaBrainz Meeting/Regulars diffhist +240 Freso talk contribs Based on what was available on User:Freso/MetaBrainz meeting preparation with some updates
     10:30  MetaBrainz Meeting diffhist +373 Freso talk contribs →‎Reviews: Update documentation
     10:28  Communication/IRC diffhist +519 YvanZo talk contribs →‎Channels: Add link to the previous/pre-Libera chat logs (until the 25th of May 2021)

30 January 2023

     12:12  MusicBrainz API/Search/ReleaseSearch diffhist +128 YvanZo talk contribs →‎Search Fields: warn about the bug SEARCH-666

28 January 2023

     21:12  User:UltimateRiff diffhist +76 UltimateRiff talk contribs
N    20:56  User:UltimateRiff/Artist Split Examples diffhist +420 UltimateRiff talk contribs Created page with "'''Work in Progress''' A collection of artists who have renamed, some of which get a new artist entry, some which didn't. I'll try and link the related discussion when releva..."
     06:03  Development/Summer of Code/2023/ListenBrainz diffhist -1,660 AmCap1712 talk contribs →‎Getting started Tag: Visual edit

27 January 2023

     11:44  Hosting/Server names diffhist 0 Zas talk contribs new server -> mingus
     08:25  Release Group/Type diffhist +366 Certuna talk contribs →‎Secondary types: added Demo, which is an accepted release type in MBZ but wasn't included in these docs. Tag: Visual edit
     08:19 User creation log User account Certuna talk contribs was created ‎
     04:53  External Resources diffhist +143 Aerozol talk contribs →‎Other: adding another tool, ReleaseFeed Tag: Visual edit

24 January 2023

     14:30  Guides/Userscripts diffhist +616 Chaban talk contribs →‎Userscript manager: add FireMonkey, ScriptCat and Userscripts Safari

18 January 2023

     01:38  Style/Relationships/URLs diffhist -45 Aerozol talk contribs →‎Multiple URLs for the same relationship type: Changes based on forum feedback, where a user read this as meaning that even if there's a wikidata link to always add English Wikipedia as well: Tag: Visual edit

17 January 2023

     19:01  (User creation log) [Vi24‎; Bhuvan Roop‎]
19:01 User account Bhuvan Roop talk contribs was created ‎
18:33 User account Vi24 talk contribs was created ‎
     18:36  User:Freso/MetaBrainz meeting preparation diffhist +11 Vi24 talk contribs →‎Community members
N    11:51  Development/Summer of Code/2023/ListenBrainz‎‎ 2 changes history +9,919 [Alastairp‎ (2×)]
11:51 (cur | prev) +385 Alastairp talk contribs →‎Getting started: add some hints Tag: Visual edit
11:18 (cur | prev) +9,534 Alastairp talk contribs 2023 page!
     11:36  Development/Summer of Code/Getting started diffhist +639 Alastairp talk contribs →‎Not-so-good questions (examples): helping you help yourself
N    11:24  Development/Summer of Code/2023‎‎ 2 changes history +6,080 [Alastairp‎ (2×)]
11:24 (cur | prev) 0 Alastairp talk contribs →‎Projects: Link to 2023 ideas pages Tag: Visual edit
10:47 (cur | prev) +6,080 Alastairp talk contribs it's 2023!!
N    11:23  Development/Summer of Code/2023/MusicBrainz diffhist +16,458 Alastairp talk contribs it's 2023!
N    11:20  Development/Summer of Code/2023/Picard diffhist +943 Alastairp talk contribs it's 2023!
N    11:16  Development/Summer of Code/2023/BookBrainz diffhist +4,706 Alastairp talk contribs bookbrainz 2023
     11:15  Development/Summer of Code‎‎ 3 changes history +5,203 [Alastairp‎ (3×)]
11:15 (cur | prev) +26 Alastairp talk contribs →‎Next Summer of Code:: it's 2023 Tag: Visual edit
11:15 (cur | prev) +2,731 Alastairp talk contribs →‎2018: Add links to blog articles Tag: Visual edit
10:45 (cur | prev) +2,446 Alastairp talk contribs Add links for previous events

16 January 2023

     20:17  (Upload log) [RobertKaye‎ (2×)]
20:17 RobertKaye talk contribs uploaded File:MusicBrainz logo square 170 170.png
19:53 RobertKaye talk contribs uploaded File:MusicBrainzWiki logo square.png
     19:12 User creation log User account Jasjeet talk contribs was created ‎
     08:07  User:OutsideContext diffhist -237 OutsideContext talk contribs Updated description, removed some obsolete content Tag: Visual edit

15 January 2023

     08:16  Guides/Userscripts‎‎ 2 changes history +515 [Aerozol‎ (2×)]
08:16 (cur | prev) -119 Aerozol talk contribs →‎Userscripts: Importers: More minor edits, cutting out unnecessary text Tag: Visual edit
08:08 (cur | prev) +634 Aerozol talk contribs →‎Userscripts: Importers Tag: Visual edit: Switched
     07:58  External Resources‎‎ 2 changes history -427 [Aerozol‎ (2×)]
07:58 (cur | prev) -129 Aerozol talk contribs →‎Parsers: General tidying and formatting Tag: Visual edit
07:54 (cur | prev) -298 Aerozol talk contribs →‎Parsers: Shortened blurb to have less detail (the link contains enough information) Tag: Visual edit
     07:50  Other Databases‎‎ 2 changes history -298 [Aerozol‎ (2×)]
07:50 (cur | prev) +315 Aerozol talk contribs →‎Classical: Final updates and arranging Tag: Visual edit
06:00 (cur | prev) -613 Aerozol talk contribs →‎General Purpose: More standardising, tidying, shuffling defunct sites etc Tag: Visual edit

14 January 2023

     04:15  Other Databases‎‎ 2 changes history +382 [Aerozol‎ (2×)]
04:15 (cur | prev) +28 Aerozol talk contribs →‎General Purpose: Jaxsta details Tag: Visual edit
04:09 (cur | prev) +354 Aerozol talk contribs →‎General Purpose: Some general tidying, matching formats for links etc to stay consistent, some new DB's, removed some old (first of many edits) Tag: Visual edit
     03:57  External Resources diffhist -1,685 Aerozol talk contribs →‎Valuable online databases: Moved online databases into the other page - it seems these lists were not kept up to date concurrently/were doubling up (or not) on info Tag: Visual edit
     03:43  Guides/Userscripts diffhist +94 Aerozol talk contribs →‎Userscripts: Importers: Start of a longer set of edits - linking websites, moving broken scripts to the bottom Tag: Visual edit

12 January 2023

     11:01  MusicBrainz Database/Download diffhist 0 YvanZo talk contribs Specify origin for mirrors

9 January 2023

     23:18  libdiscid diffhist +44 OutsideContext talk contribs Added Hare bindings Tag: Visual edit