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General Guidelines

When capitalizing song titles, album titles, or artist names, the appropriate grammatical rules for the language the text is written in should be applied unless it can be shown that that the artist wishes the capitalization to be grammatically incorrect, in which case the artist's version of the title or name is the correct one to use.

In the case where a title or name has been printed using different variations of capitalization, whether on a single release or across multiple releases and is therefore not consistently applied, and if there is no evidence that the artist has a preference, then the appropriate grammatical rules of the language in question should be applied regardless of what has been printed.

Language-Specific Guidelines

For more detailed information on language specific grammar rules, see the following pages or create one if a language is not represented here.

Note: If you are unsure about the language of a title, Tell Similar Languages Apart might help. If you are unsure on how to apply the rules contact a moderator whose Moderator Language fits.