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#REDIRECT [[Style/Titles#Multiple_titles_.2F_Splits]]
{{Official style}}
If a release is a [[Split Release|split release]] by two or more artists, '''and''' if the release has no given name but only features the artist names, the [[Release Title|release title]] should be as follows:
: '''Artist A / Artist B'''
* Artist A / Artist B / Artist C / Artist D
* [[Release:80b387d0-f7b6-4269-8919-19be203c3835|Kyuss / Queens of the Stone Age]]
Note that this is ''space, slash, space''!
If the release has a title of its own, then use that title.
If the release is a [[Split Release|split release]], where both halves are given a title (presumably by their respective artists), use [[Style/Recording and release group titles/Multiple titles|Multiple titles]] to format the title.
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