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Style issues are problems of any kind with the current OfficialStyleGuidelines. They get listed on the pages around here:

Alert.png Warning: This feature is very experimental, it might get completely refactored or even deleted

How should I list a style isue?

Attention.png This is a first draft of the issue traking process in this wiki.

You can list it on MinorStyleIssue. But this page is not well maintained, and the issue will probably not get much attention and therefore not get fixed.

Never ever create a list of StyleIssues on any other page. (exceptions might come up over time :-) )

Ideally create a page with a GoodWikiName that describes the issue. Then you assign CategoryOpenStyleIssue to that page. And whoopla, it gets added to the automatic list on OpenStyleIssues. And for God's sake, please intertwingle the page.

Issues that are not going to be fixed or are not really issues that the StyleCouncil thinks to be worth spending thoughts on will get CategoryNoStyleIssue. They can still remain in the wiki, be linked to and discussed. Perhaps one day they become an issue again...

An issue that got fixed remains in the wiki. It just gets assigned CategoryClosedStyleIssue.

The very important OpenStyleIssues get an additionalCategoryHighPriorityOpenStyleIssue. The page HighPriorityOpenStyleIssue is one of the exceptions to the no-lists rule above. Since these issues are of high priority, there will not only be an automated list, but also a human-maintained list with short descriptions.

mo has volunteered to take care of StyleIssues. He has no special authority, but he will simply be the guy who does the work: keeping track of discussions on the UsersMailingList and the StyleMailingList, adding new pages into the above scheme (with GoodWikiNames and well intertwingled!), and describing the issues.

Deciding upon prioities is something that should be done based on rough consensus within the StyleCouncil and with the MainDevelopers.