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There are a number of open questions.

  • It's unknown what happens to a LabelCode when a label changes its name. Is the LabelCode kept, or does it have to change? If it does, is it a problem to have different labels with the same LabelCode in the database?

  • What to do if a label changes its name, and then "silently" reissue (or more exactly reprint the sleeves) its catalog under its new name, with the same catalog numbers (and possibly barcodes)? We may end-up with somewhat duplicated entries in the system. Do we care?

  • What happens when a record company first changes the company name, then decides to create a subsidiary using the first name (yes that happens! See New Jazz).
    • the former and the later are two different entities, they should be two different label entries in the system

  • When a label changes its name, what should we do with the other links it had (eg: LabelReissueRelationshipType, LabelOwnershipRelationshipType)
    • if the links are still true for the "new" label, they should be duplicated, using as a begin date the rename date (obviously, the links to the former name ought to be "ended" at the same rename date)