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I removed recitativo from the French column because as the wikipedia page explains, recitativo is not French. --davitof

  • I agree that I've always seen récitatif in French. Yet, on French WP, récitatif redirects to recitativo and not the reverse; --MLL

We should mention the plurals (especially for German) --davitof

  • Agreed --MLL
    • (Yet, I'm not fluent enough to do it accurately myself) --MLL

We should better define the scope of this - there's no need to provide translations of all musical terminology - just those words that are common in album or track titles and thus may need to be entered in MB. @alex

  • Attempt done in the intro --MLL

Perhaps it would be helpful to add (appropriately capitalized) all the correct forms of key (and minor/major) for each of these languages? --cunkel