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=WikiDocs Transclusion Editor=
#REDIRECT [[Editor#Transclusion editors]]
==What is a Transclusion Editor==
TransclusionEditors are MusicBrainz users who have the permission to change the version of the transcluded [[WikiDocs]] documents. The users who currently have this permission are:
* [[User:WolfSong|WolfSong]] ([[WikiDocs]] maintainer)
* [[User:DonRedman|DonRedman]]
* [[User:Keschte|Keschte]]
* [[User:LukasLalinsky|LukasLalinsky]]
* [[User:RobertKaye|RobertKaye]]
* [[User:MLL|MLL]]
* [[User:dmppanda|dmppanda]]
<small>This list is edited by hand and ofr informative purposes only. The actual rights management is done within the [[MusicBrainz Server|MusicBrainzServer]]</small>
==WikiDocs 2.0==
The confusing bit is that there are two [[WikiDocs]] in place. The old one is deprecatated, which is accessed via urls like <code><nowiki>musicbrainz.org/'''wd'''/PageName</nowiki></code>, and the new [[WikiDocs]] which uses the [[Main Wiki|MainWiki]] and is accessed via <code><nowiki>musicbrainz.org/'''doc'''/PageName</nowiki></code>. From now on [[WikiDocs]] alway means the latter one.
==How To Transclude a WikiDocs Page==
Only '''TransclusionEditors''' are able to do this. Go to the [http://musicbrainz.org/edit/wikitransclusion/transclusion.html Wiki Transclusion Table]. There you will see lines like the example below, which can be edited, remove and new ones be added. When a [[WikiDocs]] page has been edited by a fellow Wikizen and the changes confirm with the style guidelines and other social aspects, and most important, make the documentation better - then the change should be reflected on the main server. The new revision of the page therefore has to be updated to the next (or maybe even latest) revision number, and changes be stored with pressing the '''Edit''' button.
<ul><li style="list-style-type:none">[[Image:Attention.png]] ''Please be very careful, to enter the correct [[Wiki Name|WikiName]] and revision number, these are not checked yet.''
{| border="1"
| [http://musicbrainz.org/doc/PicardTagger PicardTagger] || [[Picard Tagger|PicardTagger]] || 20
| ''a Link to a [[WikiDocs Page|WikiDocsPage]]'' || ''a link to the corresponding [[Wiki Page|WikiPage]]'' || ''the Number of the Revision that will get transcluded''
If you enter a page into the transclusion table you take some responsibility for that page. You should show it, by
* subscribing to the corresponding [[Wiki Page|WikiPage]],
* adding "This [[WikiDocs Page|WikiDocsPage]] is [[Maintained By My Name|MaintainedByMyName]]" to the bottom (just before the categories).
Also make sure
* each [[WikiDocs Page|WikiDocsPage]] is of <code><nowiki>CategoryWikiDocsPage</nowiki></code>,
* each [[WikiDocs Page|WikiDocsPage]] is protected by the [[MoinMoin:AccessControlList|AccessControlList]] <pre>## DontRenameWikiDocsPages!#acl -All:delete Default </pre> ACL cannot be modified by normal Wiki users, you will need a member of the [[Admin Group|AdminGroup]] to do that for you.
[[Category:To Be Reviewed]] [[Category:Wiki Docs]] [[Category:Terminology]]

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