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A from the states

I'm BrianSchweitzer, aka BrianFreud on the site and in IRC - otherwise known as the guy who says lol a lot.

I'm into soundtracks, Nirvana, R.E.M., Led Zeppelin, Mozart, Tori Amos, jazz, and just about anything else except for gospel and country... ...except for Willie Nelson, who I learned to like - blame my freshman roommate playing him 24/7 for that one.

I play the alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones, as well as the recorder.

My MusicBrainz profile. You can find also me at

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My Favorite Music

  • In no particular order... Just about any release of Mozart's Requiem, though I much prefer the Sussmayr version to any of the others.
    • Only exception is the 1945 Berlin, Germany Nazi recording, which just sounds incredibly overpowered, and lacks finesse.
     Thomas Newman's soundtrack to The Shawshank Redemption 
    • The perfect work for a rainy day - or a day you wish it would rain, and need your spirits lifted. (I've also pretty much memorized every line of the movie)
     Toto's expanded score for the Lynch version of Dune 
    • Even as a soundtrack fan, this is one of the few soundtracks I can put on repeat play all day, and still enjoy it at the end of the day. Just a very powerful work. This version is missing Brian Eno's Prophecy Theme, which is the one negative, so sometimes it's nice to alternate this version with the shorter version, which includes that track. (And yes, I do have this movie memorized as well.)
     Aphex Twin's Milkman, on the Girl/Boy EP 
    • First time I heard this track, I started laughing so hard, I nearly crashed my car. It's still able to make me break out laughing all these years later...
     Mindless Drug Hoover's The Reefer Song 
    • Not nearly as well crafted as the Aphex Twin song, but again, one of the few songs that can always make me smile.
     Probably a few others I'm forgetting at the moment... :) 

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