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Status: This page describes an active advanced relationship proposal and is not official.

Proposal number: RFC-268
Champion: BrianFreud
Current status: Pre-RFC
Initial Discussion


This indicates that an artist is, or was, employed as road crew [1][2] for an artist. This relationship type is used to describe any artist who is a non-performing part of an artist's support crew. This can include any number of positions, including:

  • Crew Chief
  • Live sound mixer (aka: FOH engineer, front of house engineer)
  • Monitor engineer (aka: foldback engineer)
  • Recording engineer
  • Rigger
  • Road Crew
  • Roadie
  • Stage crew
  • Systems engineer

Artists who are performing support crew for an artist should use Supporting Musician Relationship Type, not this relationship type.

Link Phrases


  • start date
This indicates the first date that the artist was employed.
  • end date
This indicates the last date that the artist was employed.
  • engineer type
This indicates that the artist provided engineering support.