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I am really new to wikis, so the main purpose for this page for now is to have myself listed under the ModeratorLanguage pages. UPDATE: I am still new to wikis :P , another purpose for this page is to keep information about work that I have set as something that needs to be done (by me) in due time... i.e. many stuff will probably stay here for a long long time and this will look like a never ending backlog...

Btw I am a 26 year old greek guy.

Work that needs to be done:

Νύχτα με αστέρια

    • enter extended release info for all the Rock+Roll: Today's Best Music releases
    • correct my subscribed greek artist entries (finished with all except the above noted ones)
    • Stuff I'm finished with:
      • ΜΕΤΡΟ magazine albums I have that are fully entered with all possible ARs completed: ΜΕΤΡΟ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 14, 25, 26
      • [not that BIG actually] fix Socrates discography and investigate the whole Socrates Drank the Conium/Socrates thing and whether they need to be 2 entities or not (probably yes)...

Instruments translation:

  • Τουμπερλέκι/τουμπελέκι:
  • Ούτι:
    • English: Oud
  • Ντέφι:
    • English: Tambourine (actually tambourine might just be a superclass)
  • Φλογέρα:
    • English (from what I can tell at least): Recorder
  • Γκάιντα:
    • English: Gaida, currently not on instrument list, it is a type of Bagpipe
  • Φυσαρμόνικα:
    • English: Harmonica
  • Καβάλ:
    • English: Kaval, currently not on instrument list
  • Μπεντίρ:
  • Κανονάκι:
  • Saz:
    • According to wikipedia, saz is more or less the same as bağlama, probably a bit wider term
  • Greek baglama & turkish or middle eastern baglama are not the same instrument, the greek one is closer to a bouzouki. (according to wikipedia)
  • Λαούτο (laouto) is probably not the same as lute but a subclass of it according to wikipedia's Laouto

Instruments I need to find more info for and probably request addition to the instrument list:

Useful links:

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