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  • Releases should appear on the performers’ overview pages and releases list, not just the composer’s, but
  • Using full artist credit join phrases gets messy with complex messy things like “under the direction of” or “with electric accordion performed by”.
  • Work displays show every recording as 'by [Composer]'. (No, this is not just a display issue: the recordings were created by someone, generally not the composer — and ARs don’t often reflect this cleanly, as ACs can.)



  • Credit release to all artists appearing on the cover: Generally the composer and performers.
  • Credit recordings to the performer(s).
  • Tracks should be credited pretty much as on the release. In the case of multiple composers, you will need a different per-track credit for each one, though the performers may be the same.
  • Use Artist Credits to give the name as it appears on the cover (e.g. “The Ambrosian Singers” as “The Ladies of the Ambrosian Chorus”). Don’t go overboard with matching the cover, but don’t go overboard with creating new artists either.
  • Use generic Artist Credit join phrases: comma and &. Use a slash (/) where the cover separates by line break.


  • Use the work title as the title of the track.
  • Do not include (feat.) artists in the title of the release.
  • Use a slash (/) where the cover separates by line break.


  • Tracks should use the language as printed on the cover. If it appears in multiple languages, use the first. If you wish, make a pseudo-release for each additional languages.