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* <s>Label code (LC prefix) as catalog #</s>
* <s>Label code (LC prefix) as catalog #</s>
* [http://musicbrainz.org/search?page=1&query=(england+wales+scotland+%22nothern+ireland%22)+AND+type%3Alive+AND+status%3Abootleg&type=release&limit=25&advanced=1 "England", "Wales", "Scotland" or "Northern Ireland" in (standardized) live bootleg titles]
===Potentially outdated data===
===Potentially outdated data===

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my profiles at MusicBrainz, MusicBrainz Forums and Last.fm.

Advanced queries

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  • ... for German releases on which I haven't voted yet (edit types: add release, edit language)
  • ... on which I've abstained
  • ... on which I've voted NO

Potentially incorrect data

Potentially outdated data

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  • update my MB collection
  • add the rest of my record collection to MB

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  • Bravo Hits (DE, AT, CH) and all derivatives DONE (2010-09-08)
    • NGS clean-up: merge remaining discs, remove redundant annotations & Discogs links, ... DONE (2011-06-08)

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